mark jared zufelt

I am an award-winning Director (MFA – University of Washington) and Photographer, and the founding Artistic Director of Next Stage and Creative Director of Aether Images. Based in Seattle, Washington, I live with my wife, our three children and a french bulldog puppy named Orson Charles Barkowski.

I have had the great pleasure, and challenge, of working in a number  of artistic mediums of over the years.  Ultimately, whether it be developing a new play with a  team of 30 in a rehearsal room, crafting a poem alone in the middle of the night, or working one-on-one with a model on location, the work always comes back to storytelling… the power of narrative to change our lives.  And while it may sound grandiose, that’s my aim… to change our lives for the better.  My work will always encourage you to slow down, take stock of our surroundings and appreciate the beauty that exists, whether you acknowledge its presence or not.

Interested in collaborating or commissions?  You can contact me at: